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One unique aspect of the BCN was that the internal fleet of craft differed to the accepted long distance craft seen elsewhere. The BCN was populated by a massive quantity of “Day boats” or “Joey Boats” designed for short haul daily runs and in some cases being double ended so negating the need to wind. There were the “Railway boats” engaged on railway boats working from the Railway Basins, the “Gas” boats carrying liquid chemicals, the “Hampton” boats which were up to 86ft long etc, etc. The boats were not all horse drawn as the “BCN Tug” evolved, these short boats were capable of hauling many craft in trains and were very efficient, today’s boat builders think they imitate these craft, in reality I doubt anyone today would like the real BCN tugs!

Massive amounts of archive help bring these lost craft to life, the BCN boats were once the most numerous of all, today but a handful survive.

Running time 60 minutes

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