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In the early 1950ís the Wyrley and Essington WAS the most profitable canal in the country! The massive movement of coal from the Cannock coalfields went on day and night, huge 80ft plus long boats 8ft wide were built just to work the 453ft lock free Wolverhampton level, on which this trade worked, within a few years, it was to become a silent back water due to the cessation of mining. There is much still to be seen and through following the route, via a re-enactment of a loaded boat train and aboard a single motor, we discover the Wyrley route. A major loss joining this route was the through route of the Bentley Canal, this late constructed waterway is examined in detail. Its loss was an appalling waste of money and a public asset. Once again with the use of archive the past begins to be awakened.

Running time 58 mins

N.B. Now available as part of the compilation set "Black Country Canals"

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