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This is a compilation of two films, "Boatyards" and "The Last Boatdocks".

BOATYARDS - Building the "British Boat"
We look back at the differing yards which built narrowboats. From shipyards like Yarwood’s of Northwich, to side slip yards such as Sephtons. Today this infrastructure which maintained and built these craft has all but disappeared, luckily in a few places the traditional skills are still being used and taught to maintain preserved craft. Much use is made of archive footage and stills.
Running time 48 mins.

A few traditional boatyards from the days of commercial narrowboating held on into the 1970’s. Keay’s, Gilberts, and Tooley’s being three, which never really departed from their original wooden boatbuilding. The Allen brothers diversified into steel and lasted a little longer. We look back at these survivors, the characters and a way of life, which just petered out. Marvelous, original colour film shot at Keay’s brings the past to life, if only just a few years ago. Much use is made of archive footage and stills.
Running time 50 mins

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