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A Traditional British Boatdock

Memories, film and images of Peter Keay & Son of Walsall

Ken Keay's "Canal Colours" book and "A boatbuilders sketchbook" reproduced through the kind permission of Judith Anne Cooper and the Black Country Living Museum

Film of the dock and associated activities reproduced from super 8 film shot by Peter Dodds

Additional images and film from the LHP archive

This is a twin disc set comprising a DVD and a CD-ROM

The CD-ROM contains high quality images of the two books produced by Ken Keay and an album of views of the site today


"Ken Keay canal colours"
16 pages of highly detailed drawings giving the exact layouts of the designs used on the BCN boats built and repaired at the dock. Invaluable to those who want to really understand the decorative designs used at this type of yard. Colour key guides allow you to colour the drawings.

"A boatbuilders sketchbook"
50 pages of incredibly detailed drawings showing the layout of various docks Keay's operated, the techniques used to work on boats, the tools used, the layout of the workshops, winches etc. A unique resource on the everyday operation of a commercial boatdock.

Both the above books were produced from sketches Ken made post retirement and are a first generation record of the way of life lived in these docks.

"Merope old boat"
Peter Dodds marvellous film of the docking of his boat at the Carl St. dock of Keays. Shot in colour and now enhanced the atmosphere of the dock comes to life on your screen.

"The Bill Revived"
Again shot by Peter Dodds this film shows how one of the "Hampton" boats was rescued for the Black Country museum. Many of these boats had been repaired at Keays during their working days.

"Carl St. Memories"
Drawn from our own archive and with input from Max Sinclair we take a animated look at views of some of the activity and boats at the dock. A sequence shows Ken fitting a plank to the new "production line" tug they hoped to build in numbers.

55 minutes of film, 2 books to view on screen or print off as required.

Book images are copyright of Ken Keay and Judith Anne Cooper

Special thanks to Ian Waden OBE, Caroline Jones TWT and Tony Gregory for assistance in helping collect the data required for this compilation.

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