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A Compilation of Three Films, Produced and Directed by John Hodgkinson & Laurence Hogg

Massey Ferguson is a household name in farming. In 2003 the British plant at Banner Lane Coventry finally wound down and was sold off, production having been “moved” elsewhere. We take a look at the history of the Banner Lane works, which was originally built as an Aero engine “Shadow factory” in WW2. From production of Hercules Aero engines throughout the war and afterwards, in 1946 production of Ferguson tractors started. Right through until 2002 the factory built many variants of the Ferguson / Massey Ferguson tractors, until finally in 2002 the last complete tractor rolled off the line. The factory continued with sub assembly production until 2003 when the internal sale was conducted and the plant sold off. This film shows many variants of tractor produced at Banner Lane, many of which never saw a British field. Archive allows you to appreciate just what the Ferguson system gave not only to farming, but also to industry in general. An epitaph to a great piece of British industry lost.
Running time 59 minutes VHS/DVD

Massey Ferguson’s plant at Banner Lane Coventry was latterly run by AGCO, in 2002 production of tractors ceased. This film was based on the last and previous open days held there when tours of the working factory were allowed. Apart from the spectacle of a factory in full swing, there is a plethora of vintage Ferguson tractors present. To add a little intrigue we also show you “round the back” of the factory……….where the “tour” did not go.
Running time 34 minutes VHS/DVD

OPEN DAY 2001:
Originally made as a private film for a few friends, this informal shot record shows a typical open day. See the "red coats" guiding tours around a very much alive plant. That is how it was, but not for much longer.
Running time 8 minutes

Total running time 95 minutes

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