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This volume is intended to give the viewer a basic knowledge of the types of working narrowboat which were once common on our waterways. It is not a definitive volume of all types and sub types of craft but a guide to features by which you cam learn to understand where the boat was built and who owned it and what it did.

The film covers, Fellows Morton & Clayton, The Grand Union Canal Carrying company, Severn & Canal Carrying Company, Nursers Dock, Thos Clayton, The Northern boats, the BCN tugs, station boats, Bantocks, Admiral class and more.

I try to describe in a simple way how the boats differ and guide the viewer to the distinctive features.

The film also features plans of craft and some of the graveyards that existed with many discarded boats.

Separate to the main film is an in depth view of a Grand Union motor boat plan.

Also included is a film of a large boat parade in Birmingham to allow you to test your knowledge of what you are seeing.

Running time 91 minutes.

Special thanks to, Keith Christie and David Kilner for archive film.
Also to: Keay family, Argent family, Jinks family, Gilbert family, Graham Berlyn, Keith Eley, The Waterways Trust, Richard Hutchings, and many more.

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