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Rare footage combined with brochures and factory images.

“LAUNCH BROCHURES 1976” - A compilation of images, taken from the early brochures.

“CAR OF THE YEAR” - Advertisement mainly shot in Monaco.

“TOMORROW TODAY” - Raymond Baxter famous at the time for “Tomorrows World” takes the viewer on a voyage of discovery in search of tomorrows new car. Shot mainly in Birmingham and at Rovers headquarters the versatile features are shown in full array.

“TV ADVERTISEMENT SHOT IN MONACO” - A humorous tale of doormen at expensive hotels enjoying the features of the Rover 3500 around Monaco.

“PEOPLE AND THE MOTOR CAR” - The Rover 3500 is shown as the car for everyone, sporting styles to family motoring. Its good for all of Europe too, scenes are shot in Italy, France, Germany and the Netherlands. Included is rare footage of prototypes.

“BROCHURES FROM 1979 & 80” - A compilation of brochure images

“TWO MORE FOR THE ROAD” - Introducing the 2600 and 2300 models, a somewhat humorous film shot in France with a amorous minded 2600 driver flowing an attractive female 2300 driver, pity her husband has a 3500!

“THE NEW TRADITION” - William Woollard of “Tomorrows world” gives us the technical lowdown on the new car.

“AUSTIN ROVER JAGUAR TRIUMPH” - A advertisement from the period showing all the range of Leyland cars introducing the SD1.

“SD1 – A TRULY BRITISH SUCCESS” - A compilation of brochure images and SD1 features reminding the viewer how advanced the new car was.

Total running time 70 minutes

Back in 1998 I decided to make a film on the SD1. With the help given, not one but three films got made, all now on the sister volume. These advertising and promotional films got overlooked and only recently were rediscovered in the archive. Together with animations set to music from brochures etc they have now formed this volume - better late than never! Quality of reproduction does vary but the content is priceless, I have done my best to make this an enjoyable production and with the rare glimpses of test cars (one "L" regd!) SD1 enthusiasts should love every minute.

Special thanks to Vincent Hammersley (former external affairs) of Rover group, also Karam Ram, BMIH, Jack Richter and others who helped with this and our other SD1 films.

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