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Starting at Blackpool with a variety of cars and a strike! A week later we are back in Fleetwood whose street tramway is in full swing. The next destination is Crich with a number of cars operating. Breaking away from the living trams we go in search of “The remains of the day”, this feature in our “Tramway Diaries” goes in search of what can still be found of former tramway systems long gone. In this issue we visit London, Chester, Derby and Birkenhead, examining depots, remaining track and structures. Birkenhead is visited to enjoy the new Hong Kong built trams running there. Finally a timely return to a very busy Blackpool, at the turning loops where there is plenty of action. All real sounds and wonderful scenes, just watching the trams go by!

Opening this film a ride on a Feltham tram at Crich with of course a variety of other cars, next a top deck ride on a Balloon tram from Fleetwood is experienced before we move on to Birkenhead. At Birkenhead vintage open top car No 20 is out for the day. Some special filming adds a touch of the unusual to this marvellous vintage tramcar. Returning to Blackpool the weather is getting bad and raining hard. By the time Fleetwood is visited the weather was appalling, but the sight of a railcoach churning up a wave of water was rather rewarding. “The remains of the day” section visits depots in Manchester and then goes on to Weaste depot in Salford, where some amazing survival, has taken place. The remains of the 3ft 6” gauge Birmingham system are then visited with a look around remaining depots and the transport museum housed in the former depot at Aston. Finally an autumn visit to Crich to round off the film.

We start with “Tram Sunday” in Fleetwood, this event has many trams and vintage vehicles on show. We travel on and alongside some of the preserved cars in action. Following the trams leaving Fleetwood everything grinds to a halt! A derailment of a Balloon car at Norbreck is witnessed and the re railing filmed. We then experience open top riding on a Stockport car before making a visit to Crich. Manchester’s Heaton Park tramway is next stop with a ride on all the cars operational and some unusual shots of the cars. “Remains of the day” looks at Northampton Tramway remains. Finally a real gem, a look at the prototype “Hecla” model tramway system which never saw production, this film shows the large operating layout testing out the track and overhead system.

Bonus Film!!

This compilation starts out with an extensive visit to Lisbon, famed for it’s very steep tram routes. Route 28 is ridden, the famous Graca circle and the Sao Tome line. Sintra tramway is visited to take a look at the line and the derelict part to the depot at Riberia. A return to Lisbon sees us visit the Sant Amaro workshops, a wonderful experience and an education in basic skills. Next stop is Ghent in Belgium and a ride on a PCC car. Finally the new tramways of Paris are looked at, the new T1 line to St Denis and the T2 line to Val de Marne
Total running time: 3 hours 37 mins

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