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WASH AND GO (“Progress on the weir!!”)
1997 was the turn of the East Coast navigation’s to be our aim. Out of the Nene and across and round the Wash to enter the Norfolk Broads. Virtually all the Broads are cruised before “Progress” heads down the coast to visit various rivers and Ipswich. Here we make an attempt to visit the Ipswich and Stowmarket Navigation entrance, no one advises the crew there is a tidal weir just before the old entrance……. As captured on film the boat is grounded and assumes a severe angle, emergency services become involved and the next 24 hours produces one of the most widely publicised events ever to happen to a narrowboat!!!
Once off the weir the journey continues visiting Heybridge and other navigations before returning up the Thames to Henley.
En route we visit some disused navigations including the while of the Ipswich and Stowmarket.

Running time 90 mins

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