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Welcome to the compilation of the BCN series of films covering the West Midlands.

During the 1990‘s we covered the whole of the areas waterways filming as much as possible of the usable system, the existing disused sections and former sections still having recognisable features. The films were shot between 1993 and 1998 and all contain historical photos, film and maps showing where featured sites were or are still to be found.

Some parts of the system have developed with investment and regeneration and today form some of our finest “canalscapes”, others have just remained “as is” and are quietly, fading away. Others are now lost for ever and only the memories remain.

We start the compilation with a short film made in 2009 approaching Birmingham on the Birmingham And Fazeley canal. Then follow four films covering the area.

“The main lines, loops and branches” deals with the main line of the Birmingham canals from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, looking at the early Brindley canal and the Telford “new” canal. The major branches are covered too.

“The canals north of the main lines” follows the Wyrley & Essington, Daw End, Rushall, Walsall and their branches. The lost sections are covered and archive film and photos reminds us that the canals were once a trade route.

“The canals south of the main lines” looks at the Dudley canals, Dudley tunnel,Netherton tunnel, the Stourbridge canal and the Pensnett. Again archive and maps combines to reflect on what was the purpose of these waterways in their heyday.

“The canals of Birmingham” takes us on a waterway approach to the city from all directions. We look at the warehouses, the docks, the lost arms which threaded through the city, sometimes almost unseen by the person in the street.

Most of the footage was shot on SVHS or Hi8 analogue tape so do not expect the high quality associated with digital filming. Despite this a lot of what is shown cannot now be seen and the chance of filming lost waterways, boats and features is not a option. Also the loss of industry has changed the landscape for ever. Please enjoy the content and reflect on what two decades have done for the area's waterways in comparison to its past.

Running time 360 minutes

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